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Nothing of Importance

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Nothing of Importance Zine

March 13th, 2008

So we're working on getting an issue of NOIZ out again

In the meanwhile, I'm going to try and work on this site here. Seeing as we haven't posted wince... what, fucking October? Yeah sounds about right. So, here's to future posts ((hopefully))


October 24th, 2007

So, a close friend of mine will soon (eventually?) be joining the ranks of NOIZ! I like to call him Pessie, though his proper pen name is "The Perfect Pessimist" and soon his pessimism will infect you all! It's contageous, yanno. Anyway, I'm outta here!

Cattle Prods

So, Hey! I've just decided that on your arrival to senior year, you should be issued a cattle prod! Or a low powered tazer... Something like that, yanno? Why, i hear you ask, would you need a tazer in school? To clear the fuckin' halls! I'm sick of all the slow-mos clogging up the halls. All the kids stopping and talking in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING HALL, what the fuck is that? So, to alleviate the problem I'm going to follow the American way and turn to violence. Tell me an electrical shock won't get those shit-heads going. And there WOULD be regulations, of course. No abusing this power, if you're caught abusing it then not only will your prodding powers be revoked, you'll have to face a "Walk of Pain" where all those you abused have cattle prods, and you have to walk slowly down the hall as they shock you. So fun!
Yeah, I know, it's violent, and slightly cruel, but hey it's good enough for cows, right? And high schoolers ARE basically mindless cattle, right? Just taking the final step, yanno?

October 13th, 2007

So. I noticed that this site has had no actual hits, or any posts, so I'm just gonna post the latest of my mind's ramblings. Mind you this has just been kicking around in my head, so maybe it's actually a really bad idea. Who knows? Fuck it, let's find out!

Now, do you guys realize we're all just walking talking experiments? Cuz that's what it comes down to, really. When Mommy and Daddy had fun that one night, you were thrown together from essentially random genetic coding. Taking from the "great" Charles Darwin ((All he really did was note that stuff is different in different situations, if you think about it...)) we are all just experiments, a test to see if this set of genetic material is any better than the last batch. And the best part is, regardless of the results ALL experiments are tossed in the end. Isn't it great? We create new experiments anyway, so why keep us around. Gotta love the fucked up Scientist who came up with THIS idea...

September 17th, 2007

Right... So...

Hi! I'm that there guy that the flower-girl there was referin' to. Just a heads up, my grammar and spelling and all that fun stuff? It sucks.

ANYWAY! Welcome to "NOIZ" Or, Nothing of Importance Zine. I know what your thinking, "What the fuck is all this then?"
Wellllllll, one day me and a group of friends decided "Hey. Let's write some stuff about things and then make a pretty little pack of paper, folded in half so i vaguely resembles a book or magazine!" and thus, Nothing of Importance Zine was created

Great stuff great stuff! After... Two months I think? Yeah that sounds right... After two months it died. Gotta love laziness, right? ((On a side note, my little spell check thingy just recognized "Gotta" as a word... I'm confused)) But this year we decided we're gonna give it anther shot... and a large part of it is this here community. We plan on posting random stuff here, and then, whenever I find the time ((As it feel like doing it)) I'll pick some random crap off this thing to print out...

Oh that reminds me. If you feel like you want to contribute, feel free to post stuff. Just make sure you say "Yea I think it'd be cool to put this thing in there" or something... cuz otherwise I'm only taking stuff from the people I know ((Mostly for legal reasons... Yay plagerism!))

I think that's about it... Oh and Flower-girl, if you're reading this, I hate you for using "Incipient". ^.^ Kidding, Kidding. It made me laugh seeing one of those English words... :P Right then.
P.S. Oh! By the way. I'm Dart. Not "Otherwise Junk" it's just kinda hard to get "Dart" as a username, yanno?
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